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Q Lofts and Extensions

From This Old School Hall

We had just 6 weeks to convert this Old School Hall into three classrooms

We had just 6 weeks to transform this old school hall i to what you see below

To This Renovated School Hall

After just 6 weeks we had turned the old school Hall  into this 

Loft & Extensions

Lofts add great space to your home, It also adds value to your home, Your loft on completion will be the warmest part of your home due to Building regulation requiring insulation requirements as standard. This loft was built using party wall seamless joining


Rea Elevation of a loft adding great space to your home, It also adds value to your home. Your loft on completion will be the warmest part of your home due to Building Regulation requiring insulation as standard. This loft was built using party wall seamless jointing with Fire Prevention


As a specified product fit for purpose, and we being the purchaser as contractor to you, and procuring a wide range of products and services of a complex and potentially lifesaving product how can you be certain that the product you choose from us will perform and that we have done everything you can expect in mitigating against the risk of failure? The answer is third party certification.

What is independent third party certification?

Independent third party certification is the highest form of endorsement a product can achieve and is being increasingly specified. Approved document B makes it clear that this is the preferred route for demonstrating performance of Fire Doors, whilst third party certification of Doors & Windows is a mandatory requirement for Secured by Design (SBD), you are in safe hands and can live in your new loft conversion knowing everything done has been don to bring peace of mind.

To attain third party certification, a manufacturer and their product will have to have undergo a rigorous process. this text to start editing. This block is a basic combination of a title and a paragraph. Use it to welcome visitors to your website, or explain a product or service without using an image. Try keeping the paragraph short and breaking off the text-only areas of your page to keep your website interesting to visitors.

Party Wall Agreements

With applications for a loft or an extension, your attention is drawn to the requirements of the Party Wall Act 1996 which may affect your proposals. You must notify all affected neighbours and obtain their consent if the work you are intending to carry out falls within the Act. This may include:

Work on an existing wall shared with another property

Building on the boundary with a neighbouring property

Excavating near a neighbouring property

The requirements of the Party Wall etc. Act, shall be observed at all times in respect of all works to be carried out to the party wall.Our surveyors will advise on the best route forward when trying to gain your neighbour's consent for the project. They can, for example, provide you with documentation that can help avoid the additional cost of employing a party wall surveyor. the average cost of a party wall agreement can be inaccessible of £3000,00 we would be prepared to carry out a party wall award for no more than £999 +vat

saving you £2,000.00 subject to consultation with your adjoining property and with our assurances that any disturbance albeit extremely rear we would undertake any reification work and add by improving the existing effected areas should there be any​.  This service is now fee with every loft and extension 


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